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Why choose us

Established in 2010 our recognisable name and award winning logo has become a strong image across the North Island and with business opportunities available, the brand is developing in the South Island as well. Now with well over a decade of hands on experience combined in New Zealand and Australia, installing in the domestic, commercial and construction industry. We have the experience and knowledge to advise on any scenario or problems concerning gutter protection and roof maintenance.


Understanding the problem

Any ‘gutter guard system' where the product sits IN the gutters they will naturally cause problems by being a restriction themselves. They cause debris and slush to build up IN the gutters and are of little benefit at all.


Maintenance of these types of products proves worse than just cleaning the gutters without them, rendering the whole exercise a waste of time and especially your money.

We have the ideal solution

The genuine Gutter Guard has proved to be the perfect gutter solution to many roof and gutter problems.


Our bird proof and leaf screen system is the most effective way of protecting your roof and gutters for all four seasons. Only a genuine Gutter Guard installed system can confidently deliver on the product performance that you should expect.


Our system fits OVER the gutters and is attached to the roof becoming an addition to your property and enhancing the control and continuous free flow of the guttering system.


This causes a ‘ski slope’ effect where all debris slides straight off and only the water is channeled into the gutters, and also making it impossible for birds, rats, and other pests entering the roof cavity to nest.


The Gutter Guard  is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Ensuring you get friendly, honest advice and quality workmanship, Guaranteed!