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The products we use

All products installed by The Gutter Guard are manufactured by Tapex and supplied to us by Karben Industries. They are simply the best products for the job.

We proudly use these long established Australian companies with proven track records as industry leaders who have supported us continually throughout our entire career in gutter protection.


Something you should consider:
If you are getting competitive quotes for mesh installation, make sure you check if other companies are using a Chinese sourced product. Often these products have not been developed specifically for the demands of Australasian conditions and will most likely cause unexpected problems.

Mesh Comparison

Tapex High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE)

The UV stabilized mesh is designed and made specifically for The Gutter Guard system by Tapex Pty ltd in Australia.

The HDPE mesh is manufactured to precise, proven specifications to ensure it remains unharmed by the harsh New Zealand climates.

Tapex HDPE mesh is backed by a genuine 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Tapex Diamond Mesh

This is the original mesh Tapex has been manufacturing since the early 1990s.

There has never been a warranty claim against them or a case of the mesh failing or breaking down under Australasian conditions.

In all our years in the industry we have never had a product performance complaint or had an unsatisfied customer with respect to this trusted product.

This provides great peace of mind for us and our customers.

The Diamond shaped hole size is 3.7mm and the mesh weight is 660 g/m2 and strand width of 2.0mm.

Available in 12 colours

Aluminium Diamond Mesh ‘Exposure Grade’

The polyester based powder coated, expanded commercial grade aluminium mesh is an alternative often used in regions particularly at threat from bushfires in Australia.

It is compatible with colour steel, aluminium and zincalume guttering.

Aluminium mesh has an aperture size of 3.5mm with a strand thickness of 1mm, with a mesh weight of 500 g/m2.

It is available in 19 colours and has a genuine manufacturer's warranty of 15 years

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Angle Trims

The 2 meter length trims that are used to secure the mesh to the gutters are made from colorsteel and copper trims are also available for copper gutters.

Trims come in 2 metre lengths by 15mm wide by 10mm deep and folded at 90 degrees.


Saddles for both corrugated and trimdek/veedek profiles are made from .055 high tensile steel from either coloursteel NZ or colourbond Australia.

The Gutter Guard  is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Ensuring you get friendly, honest advice and quality workmanship, Guaranteed!