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Having The Gutter Guard installed is one of the best things you can do for your property. Many potential problems are eliminated once and for all, significantly reducing maintenance costs of owing a house or commercial building. With The Gutter Guard fitted you have total peace of mind knowing that this highly effective system will continue to perform as expected year after year.

Benefits of The Gutter Guard include:


No more dangerous gutter cleaning

Prevention of water damage

Reduced fire risk and hazard

Prevents birds and rats from nesting in the roof

Improved tank water quality

Prevents blocked downpipes

Prevents commercial building floods from internal gutters

No more cleaning

Eliminate the need for regular gutter cleaning that is not only dangerous but it’s one of those jobs that no one looks forward to doing and your time can be better spent doing the things you really want to do.

Prevent water damage

Back flooding due to blocked gutters and downpipes is every property owner’s nightmare. Your insurance company may pay out the first time but if it continues to happen we know from experience that they will look for a reason not to pay again. It really does comes down to 'prevention is better than the cure'.

Reduces fire risk

Reduces the risk of dried leaves and debris built up in gutters and valleys waiting to ignite by flying embers of a nearby fire.

Years of birds repeatedly nesting in roof cavities can lead to a buildup of nests creating a fire risk. Either in the hotter months when the roof heats up, or being a fire accelerator if there was a fire in your home.

Prevents birds and rats

Installation of The Gutter Guard is the perfect solution for preventing unwanted and unwelcomed residents from entering and nesting in roof cavities. Disturbance, spread of disease, lice, and other associated health risks and problems are permanently eliminated.

Improves tank water quality

The Gutter Guard goes hand in hand with water tanks, as well as being a food grade product and made with the same materials as plastic water tanks it improves the efficiency of water collection as well as water quality.

Prevents blocked downpipes

Stop tennis balls and other smaller objects blocking the gutters and especially downpipes.

The Gutter Guard is the perfect solution for schools where this is a constant problem. Eliminate health and safety concerns for the caretaker who is constantly having to climb up onto the roofs to retrieve sports balls of all kinds.

Prevents floods from roofs in commercial buildings

Internal gutters can be a nightmare for owners of commercial buildings.

In the city where plastic bags blow around or drink bottles and other rubbish deliberately thrown up onto the roof quickly block the downpipes and the next time it rains the water has nowhere to go but back internally causing not only damage to the building but also loss of stock for the tenants.


The Gutter Guard  is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Ensuring you get friendly, honest advice and quality workmanship, Guaranteed!